Who Or What Is God?

by stewart

God is the Light of the universe and is the mother and father of us all.  God is present in everything and is the underlying unity. God is the life force and binds together the worlds. God is all loving and merciful, and a piece of God- spark of energy- called the Heart is in everyone.

God is greater than the creation and exists beyond the universe. While we may know and experience God, many aspects of God are beyond our experience and remain a mystery.

In our age, science has defined God as a supra-energy force that is part of everything and connects all things.  This reality, mystics have perceived and used for countless centuries: bringing Light to the spiritual darkness.

For some, attached to the Word/Name God are many negative connotations; if this is true for you, for ease of learning, substitute the Word- Light. This may help you travel through these pages; remember it is the Light which dissipates spiritual darkness.

*          *

My God Sings


My God sings on the breeze.


I am the darkness

And I am the light.

I am the sun

And I am the rain.

I am your love

And I am your pain.


I am the stars

And I am the seas.

I am you

And you are me.


My God invites me

To join the celebration

And dance to the notes of creation.

*          *

Oneness of Creation


Traveler:      Speak to me of the Oneness of Creation


Master:         The beauty and symmetry

Of every living thing,

The orchestration of the heavens,

And the balance of the spheres

Is all God’s Work.


This creation is God’s

For God/Light is the Father/Mother.

Each substance mirrors

The Divine Hand.                     

In each, as God Wills,

His/Her Face are revealed to you.

Pray to see God’s Face

In all of the creation.

In this way, when the change comes

You will be ready

To continue your journey

And God’s Smiling Face

Will Guide you home.

God is the Eternal Reality.

*          *



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Mary August 10, 2018 at 2:49 pm


Thank you for writing “supra-energy.” That is how I found your blog.




stewart August 10, 2018 at 4:08 pm

Hi Mary: Good to hear from you and thanks for connecting. Enjoy many free pages on blog and on Facebook, with some different material. If so inclined check out my books as well. May your journey continue filled with Light. Be well. Stewart.


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