Which Religion?

by stewart

Q:  In our tradition, we are taught those who do not believe the same as us are incorrect and unless they change shall be punished by God.  Also as responsible believers we have a duty to try and correct their view?

Does the Father love only some of his children?  Are not all children of God?

Before there was organized religion, how did people worship?  Were these millions all in error and abandoned by their Father/Mother?

To every place and time is a path or religion.  Look to a person’s heart and their action; a good, loving person, who makes the world a better place, is a servant of God and has a religion to follow.  Let God evaluate the measure of their lives; God’s mercy is without limit.

*          *


The sparrows play and flutter about in dirt.

Flapping their wings

They cleanse them selves with the soil.

If we did this

We would become dirty.

Requiring water to accomplish

The very same task,

We wonder how cleansing is possible?


Yet the same objective

May be reached by different means;

Sometimes they appear as opposites.

*          *

The Heart


Traveler:  What of the Heart?


Master:    The Heart dwells

Within the soul

And is the window

Through which we experience God.

It is the fountain

Through which the river flows

And is the mirror

Of God’s Love.

It is God’s Gift

To you and I.


Some Hearts

Easily perceive God’s Wonder

And others

Are hardened to God’s Glory.

This mystery

Is God’s alone.


The Heart

Is like the babe

Who yearns

To be in the mother’s arms.

It is waiting to go home

And when God Calls

The rejoicing begins.

*          *


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