What The Mystic Knows

by stewart

There is a life giving and sustaining element in the Universe that is pure creative energy.  It is in everything, has consciousness and is the basis for what we know as Reality.  It has a potential and endless ways of expressing itself; part of this energy is in you and me: it is the inner fabric of each cell and our life source.

The mystic calls this energy- the Light; others have named it the Source, the heart, or in ages past- God.  This energy is the basis of religion and is our primal center; recreating our body, our awareness and reality, daily.  This is the part that will lead us on to the next place.

The mystics have embraced this primal energy since the beginning of time; have learned to use it in their daily lives and pass this knowing on to others who are capable of using this capacity.

Today our scientists have begun to suspect that this Ultimate Creative Element is a Reality; in some circles it is even becoming common knowledge, and more and more the average person is beginning to embrace this concept of Universal Oneness.

Yet where do we go from here.

You and I must decide.


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