What Is Going On In This World?

by stewart

I am weary but thoughts, questions and answers keep entering my head: concerning what is going on about us and that it is purposeful and directed.

Q: Why would you want to control a population, a country or a world?

So you can keep your ‘game’ going and thrive.

Q: What is their ‘game?’

Dominance. Money. Power. Doing what ever they like/desire. Seeing others suffer. Feeling superior.

Q: Who are these people? Why have they been at it for so long?

They wear masks and have many who do their work. They are the shadow players; some of the most rich and powerful in the world. People who travel on the dark side with darker hearts; never wanting to give-up power and position. Since the beginning they have been with us; the eternal struggle between Darkness and Light.

Q: What can we do to offset and combat this pervasive, strangling presence?

Shine your Light wherever and whenever you can. Lift your voice, raise your hand to help another- when you can- and ask that which is most powerful in the Universe to bless your effort and struggle.

For you see, beyond Light and Darkness there is another Force which is Higher; most Kind and Generous. Work to align your energy with this Loving Energy, and manifest this Energy through your daily activity. With each breathe call this Force by It’s Name, and let this Energy Guide you.

That is the Goal that is the Higher Call.


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