Waiting Deep Within

by stewart

An acorn fell from an oak tree and lay frightened on the meadow floor.  As he lay in this new environment, he remembered his past life, high on the branches. Many of his friends were still there and he longed for the hours of companionship, grand view of things and boasting about their future.

As time wore on, other acorns were lost to squirrels, some failed to mature and many fell to the earth.  These were hidden to each other by the fallen leaves and meadow debris.

Lying on the ground for weeks, our acorn thought all was lost. Finally for safety, he decided to burrow into the ground, grew some roots to stabilize him, and inches below the earthen floor.  When winter brought its blanket of snow, many days, the acorn felt like he would freeze to death.  Surely, he had been better off and wished he never left the branches.

In time, when the sun grew stronger, and the snow began to melt, the acorn felt strange stirrings.  These inner movements were painful and the acorn wondered if he would break apart?

When spring arrived, the acorn was no more. A smiling young sprout had taken its place and was reaching upward in triumphant splendor; striving to take its place in the spring sunlight.

Forgotten was the hour of struggle.

The Lesson

Each traveler is a potential waiting to bud.  Each has the capacity to reach higher. It is a seed, planted deep within our soul; yearning to reach-up and caress the Light.

Our job is to let this process unfold, and in the right balance provide the necessary nutrients.


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