Universality of Spiritual Teachings*

by stewart

Usually a teaching or a specific set of techniques and principles is for the individual and does not necessarily transfer to the larger population. That is why, in part, teachings we see today work for some people and not others; working part and not all of the time.

Most teachings are situationally locked and not intended to work all the time. When they are given, it is for a specific time, in a specific place and for an individual or a group of people. Remember over time people, cultures and teachings change. So what may work in one place may not work in another. Yet people good intentionally try to get them to do so.

Today we see multiple spiritual teachings using science, psychology and spirituality coming together: offering meditation, mindfulness, intention and other reality creating techniques. A few of these teachings/techniques may work for you and others may not; and when they do not, do not think you have done something wrong. Often what is forgotten is the guiding maxim: right time, right place and right people.

Rightly you ask: well if that’s the way this thing works, how do I get to that place. That is another discussion and something you may not like. Further for the factors to align- it takes Grace and the Blessings of the Light.

With its timeless wisdom, I loosely offer part of a line from a song by The Rolling Stones. After trying, remember each receives what they “need” – not necessarily what they “want.”



*This conversation is not about a Prophet’s Universal Message for all of humanity. What is being discussed here are those teachings which arise much later and are currently available in numerous forums.

**Thanks to my brother Jeff for inspiring this piece. When we talk often he has gems of wisdom.

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