Timeliness of Teachings

by stewart

In viewing individual spiritual teachings, sometimes, travelers forget the timeliness or context in which a specific teaching is Given.

A majority of spiritual teachings are Given or prescribed for a specific person/audience, in a specific time and a specific place. Trying to generalize individual teachings may be like trying to put a ‘square peg in a round hole’ or working under the rule that ‘one hat size fits all.’

Depending upon the situation, it is possible to place a square peg in a round hole or use one hat size to fit all; however, having accomplished either of these, there may be problems with outcome. Depending upon head size, the hat may be small and partially keep you warm, or depending upon force required, the square peg may destroy the integrity of the hole.

In spiritual learning, we see this all the time and wonder why travelers have difficulty working within a specific formulation.

For success, what is required is a teacher who can prescribe for the individual and use those teachings which are currently indicated.

Unfortunately, many travelers are unaware of the timeliness and context dimension; which includes the interaction between right time, right place and right people.

This is a very ancient parameter which rarely can be transcended.


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