Three Book Reviews: Light on the Mountain

by stewart

Three Book Reviews: Light on the Mountain


1) I have spent many years reading all kinds of books on spiritual topics. This is one of the rare books that I have come across that gets right to the heart of the matter. Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going? The book captures essential truths in the form of an easy to understand allegory about the perpetual need to re-inspire and update religious teachings to keep step with the times. Like many of Dr. Bitkoff’s books, this one has a gentle and quiet quality to it. The Buddha has been quoted as saying that the quality of a government is not determined by its outward form but the degree to which its people are enlightened. In other words, better quality people lead to better forms of government. The great hope for our times is that if enough people read books like this a tipping point will be reached leading to an outbreak of sanity at the national level. In that spirit, I heartily recommend that you read this book.

-Mark Berlin


2) There was a time when all you needed to know in life was passed on by teaching stories. Light on the Mountain awakens one on many levels why we are here, why each experience is a gift, everyone an angel. That there is no where we have to go, life is not an endless search for the creator but an endless experience of being creator. Joy to read should be fun to read as a family.



3) A very readable story that contains all the elements a seeker after truth needs to make progress in this crazy mixed up world.

It contains universal truths that do not conflict with any religious form, so no matter if one is Christian, Jew, Moslem, Buddhist or any other, or even if you have no “container” at all, this book and its story will help you on your way.

Well worth reading if you need some clarity and direction in your life.

-Julian Hadlow



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