This Old Campus

by stewart

Awhile back, one of my associates suggested that I write about what is going on in my life; focusing on what it is like for me growing old. In the main, I have resisted doing this because I have struggled with the aging process; particularly as this period has filled with sickness, going to doctors and watching those I love deal with illness and death.

Often the day is not pretty, yet, it is often filled with opportunity to use spiritual practice. Exercises like living in the moment– are essential aspects to my new life. For when the sun comes out from behind the cloud: one must stop what they are doing, celebrate and breathe deep the glorious moment.

Today I went for a walk up by the old campus of the community college; recently abandoned and waiting for a new buyer, this campus has been replaced by a newer more modern version. The parking lot is empty; the grass is over grown and debris liters forgotten corners. I have an affinity for this place and, over the years, when classes were not in session spent many an afternoon walking in the quiet serenity.

Nowadays this old campus and I have much in common; having outlived our original usefulness we are waiting for a new buyer, with a renovation plan. Leaving behind the habits and thoughts of yesterday, I too must focus on the distant horizon; pulling toward me the next stage of my journey.

Growing old I am faced with many certainties and many unknowns. Yet, as I walk in the sunlight and repeat the Holy Name: joy fills my heart and I envelop the hillside with love. Knowing that tomorrow is what I make of it and I have within my hand a wondrous wand to help create Reality.


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