The Way of the Heart

by stewart

According to Sufi tradition, we all have an aspect of the Divine within us.  This spiritual center, termed the heart, is comprised of spiritual fabric most like God (The Light) and is located in our soul.  Because this center is termed ‘the heart,’ travelers on this spiritual Path have at times been called followers of ‘The Way of the Heart.’

On this Path, as my teacher indicated, the job of the traveler is to wipe away the ‘dust’ that covers our heart.  In this way, the heart might become a clear mirror to reflect the Divine Light; this ‘dust’ is an accumulation and has been caused by years of selfish living.  The traveler’s task is to wipe clean the mirror’s surface.  This is accomplished by an interaction between the student, the Master and the Path.  The point of all this activity is to create a completed human being; a person who reaches toward human excellence through using all capacities and is a mirror for the Divine Light.

Early on, in our training, we were taught to take the Light as it originated from God, and entered this world, reflect it out across our hearts to those people we loved and were concerned about.  In this way, through our purposeful direction for those people we cared about, the Light would become an enriching and enabling element. Also, in time, this Light would help wipe clean the mirror of our hearts and we could participate in helping make this world a brighter place.

Here, practice the following exercise, so in time as you travel the highways to work, you too can reflect the Light and help dissipate commuter darkness.

Heart As Mirror Exercise

  • Take a hot, relaxing shower and wash away the residue from the day’s long activity.  Clean and refresh yourself.
  • Next, put on loose, comfortable fitting clothing and go to your quiet place.  Make yourself comfortable.  Sit quietly and begin to focus inward.
  • As your mind wanders, slowly repeat your focus word and request God’s help with this activity.  Turn inward and go deeper.
  • When you are completely still, free of distracting thoughts, imagine your spiritual heart, which is located near your physical heart, as a mirror.  See this heart/mirror and feel its vibrancy and inner life.  This is your home- your spiritual energy center.
  • Next, in your mind’s eye, take your hand and imagine yourself wiping away the dust which covers your heart.  One strong stroke to wipe clean the surface.
  • If your mind wanders, slowly repeat your focus word. Do not get angry with yourself. Turn inward, go deeper and return to your heart (step #4 above).
  • Next, in your mind’s eye, see and feel the Light of the Universe entering into this world; see it gliding across your heart/mirror and being directed out toward those you love and care about.  Take this Light, pull it toward you and reflect it out to others.  See and identify each of the people you wish to caress with the Light.  Feel the Light’s healing energy, and see the Light chasing away their individual darkness, enriching their lives.
  • Continue reflecting the Light for 2-3 minutes.  End exercise.
  • Repeat exercise nightly for 5 nights.

Like a car in rush hour traffic, the soul is waiting to break free. Imprisoned by its circumstances, the soul longs for its home beyond the stars.


This short excerpt and exercise were taken from the following book: Stewart Bitkoff,

“A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment,” Llewellyn, 2008; available on Amazon or from Publisher.

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Alaysia December 11, 2012 at 6:07 pm

I so remember this from your book, I still practice this exercise, it’s wonderful.


Alison May 7, 2016 at 8:01 pm

Thank you Stewart, I’ve heard of the mirror of the heart before, and will practice this.


stewart May 8, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Let me know if you have any problems or need a little help. Good luck.


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