The Soul Is A Traveler

by stewart

The soul is a traveler of many seasons; having lived hundreds of lifetimes it is a fountain of information and knowledge. Most people go through this life without learning to tune into them self and uncover the vastness of their own inner experience.

The soul is comprised of pure energy and is able to express itself in many forms. In this way, it is most like the Divine Creative Element. In this experience, the task is to connect with this inner dimension and help construct a Beautiful Reality for self and others.

In this time, as in many other times and experiences, there are obstacles to overcome; some we create and some are originated by others. In overcoming these obstacles, we grow and mature, becoming more adept at using that dimension which is our true, lasting self.

We are beings of Light and Energy, and as such, have a responsibility to self and the Universe to manifest this life altering potential when ever we can.


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