The River

by stewart

Before the Word was written

It was inscribed

On the hearts of men/women

With God’s Pen.


The stars and all the heavens

Sing God’s Story.

The lands and all the waters

Proclaim His/Her Glory.


God sent Moses

And this Book was the first.

For the Jewish people

A Golden Verse.


The River has flowed

And always will,

Feeding the forest

And caressing the hill.


God sent Jesus

With a Message of Love

And humanity killed

This beautiful Dove.


The River is One

Wherever it flows.

The direction it takes

Only God surely Knows.


God sent Mohammed

Who was the Seal.

Mohammed taught us all

To bow and kneel.


We shall journey the River

To every stream

And humanity will live

A wondrous dream.


It is promised

The Dove shall return

And in every heart

The Light will burn.


Every person will experience

The parts of the whole

And journey the River

To the Divine Soul.


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