The Rainbow Bridge

by stewart

Every child grows-up

Hoping to claim the treasure

At the end of the rainbow bridge.


On those rare days, after the storm,

Magically the rainbow appears- gladdening each heart.

The sky is renewed with a variety of colors

And each child dreams

Of traveling their favorite color

In search of the pot of gold.


Within each heart

The hope is eternal

We can transcend our fears

And arrive at our heart’s desire.


Yes, like the rainbow

Within each soul

There is a glorious bridge

To the eternal riches.

For each temperament there is a path;

And the journey, on an inner level,

Consists of embracing the different colors.


The rainbow has its origin in the storm;

For without the wind and rain

The colors would not reflect.

Each color represents the seasons of a soul;

And to every heart there is a season of love.

The traveler who seeks the Lord/Light

Must journey all the seasons of their heart.


Some say

This life is ravaged by storms;

Remember they speak the truth

As they see it.

This life is shaded by dark colors:

But the Light is waiting to reflect

Upon each heart.

If you ask the Beloved

He/She will show you the treasure

That is waiting in your soul.


And when the light begins to shine

Upon your heart;

Your journey through this world

Will be a celebration of colors.

You will join the rainbow

And travel to the horizon

And be greeted by the Lord/Light.


Like the rainbow-

Prayer is a bridge

To the hidden riches.

In the quiet of the evening

And the early hours of the morning-

Sing God’s praise.


Journey on-

Following the colors in your heart.

And as God Wills

One day

You will become the hidden treasure;

Having embraced all the colors of your heart-

And you will have become the rainbow bridge.



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Alaysia July 8, 2013 at 2:35 pm

Beautiful, simply beautiful!


stewart July 8, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Thanks for your continued support and appreciation of this material.


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