“The Ferryman’s Dream” and other works by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

by stewart

I am sharing this Facebook piece by fellow spiritual traveler, Gordon Rumson. From time to time, Gordon shares the work of different artists and in this piece shares his view of some of my work.

“The Ferryman’s Dream” and other works by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Having read this book several times, I think I can safely say it is a masterpiece in a rare form: the tale of gradual enlightenment for a modern reader. Poetic and specific by turns, the book is a prose poem.

Dr. Bitkoff has written numerous books drawing on his experience with a Sufi group. Now, for many this automatically mean Islam, and this may offend some. Let neither Muslim or non-Muslim be offended. He wrote recently: “I am neither Christian, Jew or Muslim. Nor do I follow any of the other 200 or so religions available on this planet…I am a spiritual traveler going from world to world reflecting the Light of Creation..” In this Dr. Bitkoff is following the explicit teachings of the 13th century Sufi saint Rumi. (Please take issue with Rumi if you must).

“Sufism for the Western Seeker” is also very interesting and important, as it is so specific and detailed. In comparison with most New Age manuals of spiritual self help, those books are often like “Billy Nye the Science Guy” (btw, not a small matter) and Dr. Bitkoff’s more like a Master’s degree in Chemistry.

Other books of his include:

The World of Pond Stories (Aesop’s fables for the modern world)
The Appleseed Journal
Beyond the River’s Gate
A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment
Light On The Mountain
Journey of Light Trilogy

Sometimes Dr. Bitkoff skirts the sound of a New Age teacher, but more often in his books, provides clear detail, open explanation and honest appraisal for complicated matters, such as how to learn, the pitfalls of the Path, specific techniques for mental development, and the hopes for the end of the Journey.

I do not fully share Dr. Bitkoff’s beliefs (I feel his cosmology veers too close to Al-Ghazali’s occasionalism and I am not fond of New Age Messianic eschatology) and I know that many people will distrust ANYONE who offers spiritual advice. But, I think that Dr. Bitkoff’s books are well worth reading and his ideas well worth considering.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been in contact with Dr. Bitkoff for almost a decade, he has graciously answered my questions, offered good advice, berated me when needed and ignored me in the best manner of the Sufi dictum: the best answer to a fool is silence. For all that I give him my thanks.

Gordon Rumson:  https://www.facebook.com/gordon.rumson

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