The Dawn of a New Age

by stewart

Press Release: Celebrate The Dawn of A New Age

On this Friday, December 21, 2012, according to many Legends and Belief Systems, the present Great Universal Cycle will end and another will begin. For many, this has caused much worry and concern that the world is ending.  Wherever you may be . . .

On this date, please join us at Shooting For The Moon (SFTM) Spiritual Development Center, Snydersville, PA  at 7 pm to celebrate the Dawn of a New Spiritual Age (

If you are unable to personally attend, please join us from your home, car or where ever you might be, and recite this ‘Prayer for the New Age’ or a personal Prayer or Intention; that tomorrow be a brighter, more Light filled Age, with Universal Caring for self, others and this struggling planet.

To e-mail us at SFTM: 

Prayer for the New Age

– By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff


Each is an eternal child of the universe;

A ray of Light from a larger, more glorious sun,

Traveling from world to world,

Creating their individual Reality.


O Radiances of Truth,

As this New Age Dawns

Fill us with joy and wonder.

Let your life giving energy

Rain down upon us;

Stilling all fear and worry,

Helping us to rise higher

Creating a New World

Of Light, health and beauty.


O Radiances of Truth,

May each heart embrace

Its own higher purpose.

Lifting their fellows;

Smiling, celebrating together

In the morning sun of Universal Love.


O Radiances of Truth,

May this New World start with me;

Bless my efforts to rise higher,

Every moment of every day,

And live according to my Higher Self

And the Higher Destiny of the Universe.


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