The Capacity For Something

by stewart

Grasshopper reached the end of his rope.  Everything he tried to do came-up empty.  He tried a business of his own selling meadow grass tea and not one package was sold.  All the other hoppers claimed, they could pick their own grass; all Grasshopper did was put a rubber band around a clump of grass. He studied spiritual matters with Swami Grassy Hoppah and nothing happened. In fact he nearly died during his 10 day fast for enlightenment.  He forgot to drink enough fluids.

During his fitness period, all Grasshopper got for his effort were sore legs and joints.  When he studied psychology and assertiveness training, Grasshopper never gave others a chance to talk and nearly became a social outcast around the Pond.

Grasshopper continued starring in the mirror at him self and wondered what he could do to reach higher?  He was so mad.

Poor Grasshopper, he never realized there is a vast difference between the desire for something and the capacity for it.  If Grasshopper would have stuck to being himself, a grasshopper; perhaps he might have been more content?

The Lesson

  • We all are born with a Life Plan and during the course of each life: the search for self-awareness and expression is both internal and external.
  • Often travelers go on various life journeys, filled with expectation of excitement and success, forgetting to travel inward as well.
  • Inside there is a quiet whisper that will tell you who you are; you are multi-level and complex; filled with specific skills and capacity to become, “whatever you wish.”  Sadly, sometimes we don’t heed the inner whisper and wish for the wrong thing.
  • Remember listen to that inner whisper.  This voice will set you free; tell you what you need, and you will become your inner most desire.


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