Talking to God/Light

by stewart

When traveling the mystical path, travelers often want prayers, exercises and techniques that will work for them.  Requesting guidance from one who has traveled a little further or even reached their goal, hoping that with practice, these techniques and exercises will increase their understanding and proximity.

Often what is missing from this selective use of other traveler’s practice is that each traveler’s position along the path is different; and what worked for one will not automatically work for another. Not factored into the learning structure are determinants such as readiness and Grace.

Let me share with you an ancient technique that is guaranteed to work and help you move closer to your goal. Direct communication or talking with God/Light is absolutely guaranteed to help you move further along your path. Each morning and evening, and through out your day: Talk to God/Light; cry to God/Light; and ask God for whatever you need; and seek to make your self a channel through which this communication continually flows.

Daily, talking and Being One with God/Light; guaranteed to open your window of knowledge and understanding.

Further, just as the young babe coos in their crib or the maple stretches it branches out to the sun; this talking and direct communication with the Light should be as natural as breathing.

Yes, touching God or the Infinite is as simple as calling out the Name of Your Beloved, over and over again.



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