Spiritual University: You Are The Door

by stewart

On the inner journey, each traveler is both the question and the answer. Within each there is a burning emptiness.  This discomfort and friction pushes the traveler onward to find the missing piece. Searching occurs on multiple levels.

One of the great mystic’s described this process of burning: as a fire that has started deep within a log.  Here the wood is moist and takes time for the fire to consume all the residual moisture.  First there is smoke and low amounts of heat.  Then in time, this low level of heat and burning dries out the log; and the fire pushes outward more strongly to consume the wood.  Also, the fire is burning on the outside as well: with heat and flames working their way inward.  In time, both sources of heat meet and the wood is aflame; entirely consumed by the inner and outer burning.

Another way to describe the journey: is that you are the door that stands in your own way.  Learning or awareness occurs through a process of removal rather than adding. Deep within resides the answer or higher consciousness.  This consciousness has been blocked by years of selfish thoughts, specific ideas and daily requirements of living in the world.  The mystic’s journey is to learn to push this door aside, or quiet these thoughts so something else might come forward.  Meanwhile, this consciousness or inner spark has been ignited by contact with the Teaching and is struggling to break free and come forward. That which is hidden strains to manifest, and awakens depending upon the requirements of the situation. Momentarily pushing outward, until the contact is more firmly grounded. Then the traveler turns inward, by pushing aside the door.

Remember, our worldly consciousness is needed to live in the world and participate in every day life.  Even in the most highly attuned, the higher consciousness comes and goes depending upon the requirements of the situation.

A third way to describe the journey is to imagine that your heart or inner awareness is a mirror that has been clouded over by thoughts, ideas and years of selfishness. The mystic’s journey is to wipe this mirror clean so that it can more aptly reflect the Light.  The Light originates in another realm and enters this realm as an enabling or enriching element.  In part, the role of traveler is to reflect this Light into the physical realm thereby illuminating the darkness.  This is done daily, and the traveler must ever be on guard: to keep their mirror clean.  Through living in the world, thoughts and ideas arise that cloud the surface. The traveler wipes his own heart clean, through specific prayers and exercises.

Because the burning occurs in two directions, the traveler is provided with multi-level learning experiences.  These may be offered by the teacher, Teaching or events in daily life.

*          *

Concerning the journey, one of the great teachers has said, “Sometimes it is not a matter of adding ability, but a matter of taking something away.”  The traveler’s misconception and other veils must be removed, so the higher consciousness may operate without interference.  Part of the teacher’s function is to guide the traveler in this removal.


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