Seven Keys to Balanced Living

by stewart

Q:       How do I balance the physical, mental and spiritual dimension?


Everyone goes through this life

Doing the best they can.

Often travelers are blind to the fact

They can reach higher.


The ability to show this to someone,

And help them extend their reach

Is very rare and special.



In order to live a more complete life, a life that is tuned to your higher destiny, you must participate in the world and, at times, spiritually withdrawn.  Each traveler is created with many talents, emotions, hopes and dreams. Each traveler is an ocean with vast depths of undiscovered marine life, subterranean organisms, valleys, peaks and wrecked ships full of hidden gold.  All of these capacities, with training and opportunity have the potential for expression.


Seven Keys


The key to a balanced life is moderation, expression of the many parts of self and following a spiritual path to completion.  We came into the earth phase to do and be many things. Potentially, a balanced life consists of working in the world, sharing a family, contributing to the benefit of others, seeing each day as an opportunity to grow closer to your lasting self, reaching higher toward excellence and serving Truth.


Daily set aside a few moments to center yourself and listen to your own inner song.  If you wish: pray, meditate, send healing energy to others, or ask Truth to guide your life.  Inside is a golden potential that unlocks limitless energy and guards a hidden treasure.


  • Everything in moderation, this is a general rule that many ignore.  Extremes are to be avoided.  Even too much spiritual activity can destroy your balance.
  • Keep your conscious mind and thoughts focused on Truth.  Thoughts are energy that returns to us and negative thoughts return many times over.
  • ‘Be in the world but not of the world.’ Have a job and support your family but keep a part of yourself detached and apart. This is your sacred center: enter it, draw guidance and life-giving energy from your spiritual center (heart).
  • In the morning and evening, set aside a few moments to honor that which gave us life and ask for guidance to make our life a living prayer.
  • When problems are placed before you, ‘remember problems exist so you can solve them.’  Have a positive attitude, work hard and ask Truth for guidance.
  • Honor your body and its emotions.  Take the time to exercise, love, eat correctly, and express your feelings, moderately.  These are essential aspects to the earth phase.
  • Be generous and kind to others.  Our good work returns to us as positive energy that raises us higher.


This is a period of tremendous upheaval and transition. We are entering the age of self and leaving the age of authority.  The solutions to the problems of this age are to be found within individual travelers, not institutions.  While institutions may help, the solutions are waiting within each soul.  Now our task is to develop better travelers who are closely aligned with Truth and work to solve the problems around us.


Balanced living is an essential aspect to reaching our full, individual potential.


Remember, we are a wondrous creation that has forgotten how to use its magic wand.


*     *

Gradually we are shifting from the age of group to individual responsibility.

When will the giants arise to correct the ills?


Within each there is a magic wand;

When will we each learn to use it?



*     *

Consider the Possibility


Much of what travelers have been taught

About religion and political necessity

Is simply not accurate.

Travelers have been taught ½ truths, by those in power,

So they can be more easily manipulated.


In the main, major teachings are misrepresentations

Supporting an indoctrination system

Set-up to control very specific social behaviors.



*     *

Each traveler is a prisoner of their thoughts.

So when does the sentence end?



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