by stewart

Seeing what is in front of you as opposed to what others have told you is present, has been identified by mystics, as one of the signs of spiritual maturity.

You see, we are all indoctrinated, that is taught specific things about life, society and what is going on in our world. We learn these beliefs from family, friends and different representatives of our culture. Often these beliefs help form our world view, and cloud our vision, keeping us from going further.

Today, what is going on all around, and has been going on for quite some time, is a targeted attempt to remake and reorder life to benefit a few.

Open your eyes and see with a questioning mind: Who is benefiting from all this sickness, chaos and suffering? Why is there a continual inability to solve our societal and environmental problems? In a world of plenty, why are so many homeless and hungry? Who gains?

On one level, these problems serve as a smoke screen, obscuring the underlying cause.

Go deep. Ask questions. In time, answers will arise.

Then, you will see humanity is the source of many of its own problems, and can solve them, once the real villains are exposed.


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