Rising Above Our Lower Nature

by stewart

You can talk about gun control

And limiting violence on TV.

You can advocate for good mental health services,

Foster better parenting skills, and war against sexual exploitation.

You can fight to eliminate hunger, violent video games,

And raising people’s awareness to help refugees in trouble.

You can raise security at airports and schools

And hire more police to protect us;

All of these are worthy causes.


Yet, when is the discussion going to turn

Toward how to raise better people, all across this planet;

Who care for themselves equally as they do others.


Collectively when are we actually going to feed the hungry?

Help each to have a safe home,

And humanely care for the sick and dying,

Treating our brothers and sisters as our selves?

Condemning and eliminating those societal forces

Who worship money, and take power through destruction and greed.


Yes, the ills of this world are created by people

Who seek to serve their own lower need.

This is pure greed, selfishness and self interest;

Create better people who think of others as themselves,

And these problems will not be tolerated.


The only real future for the human race

Is to act as mature human beings

Who love and care for each other.

As a planet, we must be in the business of making better people

And support all enterprises that truly have this as their goal.

Collectively this must be our Great Work;

A planet of loving, caring and helpful people

Who rise above their own lower nature

And reach toward the heavens, clasping their neighbor’s hand.



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Alaysia December 17, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Society has to stop pointing fingers, we are the ones that caused this, and we are the only ones that can fix this. Please can’t we take our blinders off and reach out.


stewart December 17, 2012 at 6:32 pm

One day perhaps we will stop looking at symptoms and look at root causes. For example, teach children to help each other instead of take from each other; teach them how to rise above their lower nature and share the Light. Stop masking greed and self-interest with a philosophy/religion of capitalism and the more the better. It is only better if it is shared and no one goes hungry or wanting. Yes some people should make more but only if all are helped . . . Greed, fear, and self-interest are the enemy; to a point they are useful and protect us but many have taken their own selfish need too far. That is the root cause.


Alaysia December 17, 2012 at 9:11 pm

I couldn’t agree more. Very well said!


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