Riding a Shinning Star

by stewart

Sometimes life makes you laugh and just shake your head. Sometimes it just kicks you in the butt or in this case, lower back.

For example, last week when I thought events were going badly with my health- un-expectantly another dimension was added. I was bending over to pick-up a leaf on our property and my lower back went out; doctor said probably slipped a disc. Besides the pain and discomfort involved I simply cannot get around as well as I should. Stacking this problem beside my other medical issues, this one jumped right to the head of the line. Sometimes when you think things cannot possibly get worse, think again . . .

I guess the message in all this for me is to remember: be grateful for what I do have and not spend too much time bemoaning the effects of growing older and chronic illness.

Somehow, even for an instant rise higher- go outside into the sunshine and breath deep the clean air. Call out your own name loud and clear. Remember you are a child of the universe and rise and fall with its many ebbs and flows. Yes, there is a tomorrow and one day you will be riding a shining star across the galaxy.

In that moment, REMEMBER you are much more than your pain and suffering: you are an immortal soul-a child of the universe.


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