Review: Beyond The River’s Gate

by stewart

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Beautifully inspiring and clear! Wonderful book!  I  bought it months ago and then put it aside to read later. Recently,  I started to read it and  I realize this is a book that can take us “Home” … the Home wiithin our own Hearts. Finally, a book that leads us into the living Sufi tradition. Dr. Bitkoff is a true, sincere teacher who guides us in gaining  access into the heart of the Sufi Tradition, access into the deepest spiritual desires within our own Hearts. The Heart is the doorway to the Soul and this book unlocks that door. I have read so many books on Sufism as well as books on so many religions and paths;  and it is wonderful to find the answers to  my spiritual questions right here in this book…. questions on God (the inner, esoteric meaning not the exoteric versions.  Questions on life and our purpose here are clearly explained in this book. For anyone wanting the experience of God-Connection and meaningful living this book is a must!  Whatever religion you may follow, this book addresses the Essence… the Core… of all religions. As Rumi has written: “All religions (in their deepest core and essence) are singing the same song.” Through Dr. Bitkoff’s teaching books we can experience that core and the Peace awaiting us there within our own hearts and souls.

By Cathy C.


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