Rebirth For America: Free Will Choice

by stewart

America is a special place; America offers the spiritual freedom, alive in each person’s heart to choose what is best for self and others. Here in this country, each traveler can freely choose their own life and how they wish to live it.



Daily my vision for America is that of a spiritual form which has taken on a physical reality. This spiritual form is the personal freedom to do and become; spiritually as creators of our own reality, every moment of each day, this personal freedom to create is one of the key central aspects to life. We must always remember that we are spiritual beings that have decided to take on a body; and America is a vision of personal freedom for millions of citizens. Spiritually, America represents the essence of individual free will choice.

Back to Colonialism

In 1776, the Founding Fathers of our great country envisioned a land that was free of religious, social, political and economic tyranny. Having been subject to rule by a distant monarchy that daily took away these freedoms; the Revolutionary War was fought to regain these essential rights to life. We are the inheritor’s of this spiritual great vision, which was proclaimed, at our Nation’s birth.  Now our land of freedom is being assaulted and decaying from within.

Over the last decades, many of our citizens due to greed have striven to take away and restrict our freedom to do and become. By enslaving us through increased economic cost for all manner of consumer goods, heavy taxes that are wasted in inefficient spending, and political favoritism for those who daily rob our pocket books- many personal freedoms have eroded and evaporated.

It seems we have again, in part, gone back to a Plantation or Colonial system. There are the majority of workers (slaves/tax payers) and those masters (one percent of the population) who make their money off the majority of workers effort and need for goods which the masters control.  We are ruled by our necessity for consumer goods to live and this need for goods, now translates into worker longer and harder to pay for them. This loss of time and energy required to pay for goods is a form of daily economic slavery.

All the while the masters (monarchy) make more money. To protect their interests, the masters have hired multiple enforcers or those who look out for their master’s interest; presently many of these enforcers control, influence and operate our government- also taking for payment as much money as they can. Keep in mind, it takes money to get elected in American politics; and the masters make sure they financially back candidates who will look out for their economic interest.

Problem Solution

The first step in solving any problem is to identify the problem. In this day, we have identified the problem- personal greed and a governmental system (enforcers) that works for the masters.

It is now time for the solution, and that is where we, the worker’s come in. We are the majority and must take back what is rightfully ours. Yet, how to do this? That is the issue.

In our great land, I know there are many who are working on the problem of taking America back- from the masters and their enforcers; these are the new revolutionaries. The Minutemen/women of our time and I salute your effort.

Recently, uprisings and wide spread civil unrest all across the world has shown us that a population can rise-up, with the use of electronic media, to topple an oppressive economic or governmental system.  Is this the way, we in America are heading?

It is said, ‘if you want to know how something will end- then look at its beginnings.’

Clearly America is ripe for another revolution. Yet, what form it will take is totally up to us- the workers: again will it be civil disobedience; an over haul of our political system with its present campaign financing and lobbying influence; physical confrontation and bloodshed on the steps of Congress; or a change in citizen consciousness that requires elected officials to serve the people?

Perhaps, it will be all of this and something more? Remember, we all have free will choice and can help recreate America by taking personal positive action- every moment of every day.  Eventually, all these positive actions will add up and create a shift- from which a new America will rise. Each moment, this choice is ours.


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Alaysia July 10, 2013 at 5:48 pm

It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.

Andrew Jackson


stewart July 10, 2013 at 7:26 pm

I wonder when it will again be different? One can only hope and work toward this possibility.


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