Rain Maker

by stewart

The Fountain of Truth has dried-up waiting for another coming of the Rain Maker. It has been a long time since the celestial water flowed and the people are thirsty. Through this drought, there is despair and longing for the eternal, cool, refreshing water.

The last time the Ancient One Walked, he spoke of the next dry period before the rains. He said, the people would forget their higher purpose and become blind to their own lower, destructive nature. They would become their own enemy and lay the foundation for the cleansing.

At the end of each Great Cycle, it was always the same. Caught-up in the material world, the people forget they are spiritual beings and through suffering, hunger, thirst and pain the new, spiritual order is called forward. The Phoenix Fire is required to burn away the old and turn the people inward.

And when the people have found themselves again, the Rain Maker appears.


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