Radio Show: Sufi Distance Learning

by stewart

Godspeed Institute of Spiritual Learning

Distance Learning & Sufi Spirituality, with Stewart Bitkoff


Whoever is initiated by us and follows us and loves us, whether he is near or far, wherever he is, even if he is in the East and we are in the West, we nourish from the stream of love and give him light in his daily life.Bahaudin Nasqband


In this quote from one of the Sufi masters we have a description of one of the natural laws of the universe: how one action affects another, at varying distances. How does this apply to spiritual learning? In this show Dr. Stewart Bitkoff explores spirituality as “distance learning.”

Click on Link below to listen to Show:

This Show will be Broadcast on PRN Network on 6/16/13 at 2pm; listen to it now, as it was prerecorded, and posted on Godspeed site.


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