Q: Many claim this is a special age for spirituality. Why is it special?

by stewart

We live in an age when technologically, as a global community, we have the power to create a wondrous world or destroy ourselves. Are third world countries’ struggles and hunger to be ignored so that only the industrialized society can materially benefit? Or do we come together and share our collective wealth and potential? That is the challenge that faces humanity at this critical time. Do the interests of some override the interests of many? What criteria or moral yardstick do we have to make decisions about these problems?

This is indeed a special age. As a global community we have the capacity, for the most part, to eliminate hunger and disease. Also we are examining spiritual experience, free of social censure, with scientific interest and wonder. Yet where do we go from here? Do we have more of the same? Or does something more advanced emerge on a global level?

Today many are turning toward non-traditional spiritual systems for individual answers and are seeking more than the prevailing self-interest and greed that seems to drive so many people. That thirst for “something more” is driving many of us to not only question the status quo, but also to find some answers.

After a period of preparation, authentic spiritual teaching provides the traveler with an internal yardstick that helps balance the needs of the individual and many. This internal indicator is a spiritual capacity to know what is right. In part that is the goal of spiritual preparation. Authentic paths create individuals who are better able to serve themselves and others. Internally all travelers have the capacity to balance the spiritual and physical.

As we seek to improve ourselves and serve others, we realize that the world is truly made better one person at a time.


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