Q & A: Who or what is God?

by stewart

1)         Who or what is God?

God is the Light of the universe and is the mother and father of us all.  God is present in everything and is the underlying unity. God is the life force and binds together the worlds. God is all loving and merciful, and a piece of God- spark of energy- called the Heart, is in everyone.

God is greater than the creation and exists beyond the universe. While we may know and experience God, many aspects of God are beyond our experience and remain a mystery.

In our age, science has defined God as a supra-energy force that is part of everything and connects all things.  This reality, mystics have perceived and used for countless millennia: bringing Light to the spiritual darkness.

For some, attached to the Word/Name God are many negative connotations; if this is true for you, for ease of learning, substitute the word- Light. This may help you travel through this world; remember, it is the Light which dissipates spiritual darkness.

2)         Who is man/woman?

Man (woman) is the meeting of the spiritual, mental, psychic (emotional) and physical realms.  Man is God’s representative on earth and destined to reign in kingship, in this realm, with God.  The traveler who has mastered self, and reigns supreme in their own kingdom, is the master of all worlds.

In order for this awakening of potential to occur, there must be a period of preparation, training and blessing from God.

3)                  Why were we born?

We took on the physical form so we might better know God, create our own reality and serve God.  Here, in the earth phase, we can learn, create and experience many beautiful and wonderful things, and accelerate our spiritual journey back to God.  The contrast between the earthly and spiritual provides a friction that increases our learning and understanding.

4)                  Why the many religions?

God is One.

The many religions exist because people and cultures are different; these differences in religious form exist to help people better understand who they are.

In this matter, there is both an internal and external reality.  The internal reality is the spiritual experience of God and, for all religious forms; the closer you get to God, the more this experience is the same.  Externally, religious forms differ; religion puts on different clothes because the climate and people’s needs vary.

Imagine religion as a beautiful woman. One day she travels to a land where it is cold.  By necessity, she puts on a fur garment to keep warm.  The next week, as circumstance dictates, she travels to another land where it is much hotter.  In order to adjust, she sheds the fur and adorns a cotton dress.

Depending upon the day you met her; you would describe her outward appearance differently.  Yet, beneath the clothing, she is the same, beautiful woman and any difference in appearance confuses people.

It is like this with religion.  People get caught-up with the externals, argue about the clothing and forget about the inner experience.

5)                  Speak to me of the world?

The world is a giant bazaar, filled with different types of wondrous and delightful items. Here, we can find exactly what we are looking for.  If we seek enjoyment of the senses, there are many opportunities. Similarly, if we seek to learn and draw closer to our higher self, this opportunity exists as well.

In part, the earth phase is an opportunity to learn, create, and experience all the parts of self, and grow closer to that which we wish to become.

6)                  What of free will?

Each person has within, the ability to choose and create. This is what sets us apart from other creatures.  As representatives of the King/Queen, we can choose and create our own reality every moment of the day; and influence our life and world as co-creator.

Within we have a magic wand and can turn each day into a beautiful or frightening experience. Our imagination and ability to make thoughts come true, is the magical element.  Through our consciousness, we can create all sorts of things and must be careful to make useful and wise decisions.

7)                  Speak to me of prayer?

Prayer is a song that arises from our heart and tells the sweet, tale of love.  It is a whisper that comes from the depth of our soul and a melody through which we can share secrets, weakness, dreams and desires with our beloved.

In prayer, there must be no compulsion; it is not something that can be forced or taught.  Real prayer is as natural as breathing; it is a song, an expression of our eternal self.

The great ones have taught, the most glorious prayer is the life that is lived for God. Learn to make your life a prayer and every moment sing the song of creation.

8)                  How do I do this?

Living our life for God and making our actions an extension of the Divine Will is part of the heritage of humanity.

While real prayer cannot be taught, and is an expression of our inner self, what can be learned is how to refine spiritual capacities so the inner song might come forward.

This teaching, or spiritual preparation, requires the interaction between a student who is correctly aligned, a teacher who has completed the journey, and the blessings or Baraka inherent in a spiritual path.

9)                  Why weren’t we born more aware of our spiritual potential?

Actually we are born knowing this.  However, we are quickly taught to disregard this essential, aspect to our nature.

By design, it is trained out of us at an early age, so we can get on with more practical things.  Then for the majority, the spiritual experience or religion they are given, is little more than a social, indoctrinating system based upon reward and punishment.  Also, people are taught to rely upon the religious system and its representatives, instead of developing their own inner potential.  This reliance can become a subtle form of control.

In this age, people are again turning inward to awaken that which has been hidden from them.

10)              For my spiritual health, does this mean I should turn away from organized religion?

For many, the great religions are the bridge that leads to the Divine.

If you are Muslim, seek to be a better Muslim.  Similarly, if you are a Jew or Catholic seek to be a better Jew or Catholic.

Each of the great religions, as their spiritual teachings are followed, provides a path to God.

The traveler must learn to follow the inner teachings or heart of their religion, and as needed discard unserviceable external clothing.


These 10 questions and their answers were taken from the author’s unpublished manuscript entitled: God Question And Answer Book.


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Judith LaBonte August 9, 2012 at 12:35 am

i agree – God is BOTH Father AND MOTHER!

j/L “Granny” Matrika / Rolling Buffalo Woman


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