Pictures, Memories & Scrapbooks

by stewart

Looking back across my life is like calling to memory a wonderful vacation cottage, filled with relaxing, comfortable furniture, access to water and outdoor trails to romp and play along. A vacation place filled with loved ones, happy occasions, good food, songs, new experiences and the joy and pleasure of warm, vibrant summer afternoons. Many a happy adventure was had there.

In my scrapbook of memories, along with the realization that time has crept forward, is awareness that my body has grown a little older and no longer craves the physical excitement and physical pleasure of vacation filled days. Yet these memories, call happily to me, singing of good friends, loved one’s smiles and the dear fragrance of those passed on.

You know, the wise ones are correct. You see there are many things you can do with your life: how you live, what you choose to do and what pictures you create, in many ways is all up to you. These things and activities are important, but only to a degree. The more lasting treasure is the love you create between friends, family and people you meet and help along the way.

These are pictures, love songs and scrapbooks, you take in your heart as you travel on to the next place; where another world, another vacation and another adventure await you.


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