Peace on Earth

by stewart

You can talk about gun control

And limiting violence on TV.

You can fight for better mental health services

And advocate parenting skills.

You can cry out for eliminating violence in video games

And raising awareness about people who are addicted.

You can increase security at airports and schools

And hire more police to protect,

All of these are worthy causes.


Yet when is the discussion going to turn toward

How to raise better people:

Who care for themselves equally as they do others.

Or when are we going to go about the process

Of treating our brothers and sisters as our selves

And condemn and eliminate those forces

Who make money through destruction and greed.


Most of the ills of this world are created by people

Who seek to serve their own lower need.

Spiritually, it is called exaggerated selfishness and self-interest;

Create better people who think of others as themselves

And most societal problems will not be tolerated.


The only real future for the human race

Is for individuals to act as mature human beings

Who love and care for each other:

As they would care for them self.


Then bullying, killing and harming others

Would not exist nor be tolerated.

Yes we have made some progress in this regard,

Yet when is the discussion

About how to make better human beings

Going to become more universal:

Like breathing and eating?

When this begins to occur

Perhaps then the Promise will be fulfilled

And there will be Peace on Earth.


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Patti June 25, 2016 at 8:45 am

Thank you for this wonderful and timely reminder! Peace…


stewart June 26, 2016 at 2:03 pm

Good to hear from you. Happy you enjoyed it.


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