Path of the Spiritual Traveler in Every Day Life

by stewart

Most travelers make religion and spirituality too complicated of a thing.  The following is the Path of the Spiritual Traveler in Every Day Life. Follow these 5 steps and you will travel beyond religion and spiritual Paths; embracing your own cosmic potential.

1)      Love God/Light with all your heart and soul.

2)      Be yourself and seek balance. Everything in moderation.

3)      Make your life an hour of service and seek to submit to the Higher Call.

4)      Pray morning and evening. Giving thanks for this opportunity to help create your own life.

5)      Help yourself and others reach higher. In each moment, choose the Higher Call. Give of yourself freely and help those who need a helping hand.

Spiritual Traveler’s Call

O spiritual traveler rise-up and live each moment fully; embrace its glory and potential.  In each moment, the Divine Plan is expressed through your thoughts and actions.

You are a shinning star that has come here to illume the darkness; taking on a physical form, with its universe of possibilities, so you may further celebrate your potential in endless ways.

Remember- in each day, and each moment, you are reborn into another opportunity to rise higher.

O spiritual traveler, how will you celebrate your uniqueness today?

Will you bend to help the sick and fallen? Or will you seek another of the million ways to express your individuality?

For in this work and opportunity- you will find greatness.



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judith LABONTE July 22, 2012 at 3:38 am

i heard a Native American Elder refer to this as thinking the Creator’s thoughts after Him/Her!
j/L “Granny” Matrika / Rolling Buffalo Woman


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