Missed Opportunity

by stewart

Turtle crouched, hidden, behind his favorite rock waiting for breakfast to swim by.  After a time, a tiny silver minnow came along, but Turtle exclaimed, ‘This fellow is too small for me to waste my time on. I’ll just be patient and wait until something bigger comes along.” 


About mid-morning along came a tadpole.  Turtle thought, “I like tadpoles, but I love frogs even more. I’ll wait until the tadpole grows-up. Then I’ll really enjoy myself.”


Later in the morning, turtle was growing weak from hunger and vowed, “No matter what, I’m going to take a bite out of the next thing to swim by and have my breakfast.” About 20 minutes later along came a water bug.  Turtle exclaimed, “Augh! A water bug; I hate water bugs! They’re so hard.”  Before Turtle could change his mind, the bug was gone.


Turtle looked up at the sun and saw it was almost noon.  Then, Turtle remembered he was on a diet and never ate lunch. So still hungry, Turtle began swimming back to his burrow.


The Lesson


  •          Sometimes, it is not a matter of what we do- but that we do something. Taking action often sets in motion all kinds of hidden factors- and we gain the prize.


  •          Usually procrastination makes us uneasy, nervous and fearful. To reach higher, we must learn to play the different stations in our mind and know when and where to act.



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