Milestones: Wisdom & Reflections

by stewart

That which you have been Given

Is enough for the Journey.

*          *

Well, I have made it to another birthday and really don’t have many words of wisdom to share. However I do have some thoughts, reflections and things I have learned. These may or may not be of interest and to those who are curious: I offer some below.

1)      Wisdom. Each person creates their own wisdom. Life teaches us many things and even a traveler who is not interested in wisdom- creates and acknowledges things they have learned.

2)      Live In the Moment. Rarely do I worry about tomorrow. I find living each day challenging enough; particularly living moment to moment. Seeking my highest possible choice in every opportunity, breath and motion.

3)      We Are Eternal. Inside each of us there is a spark of something eternal, infinite and wondrous. I have made it my task to learn about and share this wondrous element. Some travelers call this aspect: God, the Light, the Heart or Eternal Self/Soul.

4)      Living With Others. Our moments are empty unless we have others to share them with; life is both a solitary and social journey. We came here to express who we are and to share this opportunity with others.

5)      Darkness & Light. In this journey, there is both darkness and Light; that is just the way it works and beyond this duality is the One. We are all sons and daughters of the One; one day we shall all again know this and embrace this Reality together.

6)      Life Plan. Each of us is different and comes here with an individual life plan, tasks and abilities. Our journey is to explore this potential- as well as connecting with our Higher Self. We are many things, experiences and opportunities; yet there is an essential, eternal aspect that must not be ignored.

7)      Many Opportunities. Within the universe, there are many lives, universes and places to go. We are eternal beings and have many, many experiences; all of our mistakes, when viewed through the great wheel of life, are just opportunities and experiences.

8)      Physical Life is Finite. Within the physical framework of this life, we all decay, get sick and grow old. Many suffer pain and disappointment; this is a bitter cup and cannot be comprehended with the every day mind. Its personal answer comes from the heart and your own soul wisdom. Only the Unseen Forces can bestow this knowing upon you; travelers like me can offer: there is a personal answer but you must grasp it yourself.

9)      Life of the Soul. For some travelers, the life of the soul is most important and for others it is the most distant of realities. Each person’s life is sacred and none is greater than another. We are all children of the Universe.

10)  Help Each Other. After we have learned to care for our self our duty as human beings is to help others. This is a basic requirement of the earth phase; sadly many have forgotten and ignore this aspect. That is why there is so much turmoil and man made pain.

Finally, I hope I have not bored and recommend that you create your own list. You do not have to wait until your birthday; today, share your own list with yourself and express these personal reflections by the way you live each day.

For the longest, I have felt that personal knowing is a tool to enrich your life. Please, take my offerings and use them to create your own.

Remember: What good is personal wisdom- if it is not used in the world?


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Judith LaBonte July 31, 2012 at 12:13 am

in my opinion, living with others is the hardest – at least for me.


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