Mess or Opportunity

by stewart

One could make the case that this world is a mess and slowly we are destroying ourselves and this planet. There is much truth in this statement.

However, some spiritual traditions, including the Sufis have a basic belief that over millennia we are rising higher spiritually and collectively: we will return to our home ‘far beyond the stars.’

Until this happens, it is possible for individuals to complete this spiritual journey and help others along the way. Is this fantasy or a dream? You make the choice, every day.

The Plan

One traveler at a time, humanity is evolving to a higher state of consciousness. This evolution is both individual and collective. As a race of people we all are reaching Higher. This evolution is purposeful and directed so it may be attained.

To help safeguard this Plan there is a hierarchy of servants who work on many levels. Collectively humanity has a potential and destiny. Many of the holy books speak about this potential. These references are part allegorical and part literal.

In the Plan, each person or soul has a distinct role. In part, that is what this life is about. To figure out how you fit into the world, using your physical, mental and spiritual potential. The world needs people who are doing what they can to make things better for themselves and others.

In each day, there are many opportunities to reach higher and fulfill your individual destiny or plan. Simply ask yourself before doing something that you are uncertain about; if this action will bring you closer or further distance you from your own higher destiny and the Source. Learn to wait for an answer. You can do this. Slowly you will begin to awaken and hear your own inner capacity. Follow this inner voice. This inner voice and its wisdom are aligned with the higher destiny of the universe.

When you leave this world and continue on, in some respects the next phase is similar to this one. You express who you are in relation to the universe and the dimension you inhabit. Each is a ray of Light that has come from a vast and glorious Sun. It has been sent out into the universe to experience itself in many forms and places. Growing stronger in wisdom and service to the glorious Sun of which it is an expression. One day it finds itself going home to shine, along with the other suns, upon the universe.

And because this journey is of spirit and there is no real time or space in relation to the Divine. As the Source Wills, this journey may be accomplished in an instant or in a thousand lifetimes. It may be accomplished once or over and over again. It is all up to you.

Each day when we close our eyes and align ourselves with the Source; through the Light we are illuminating the darkness within, and become a sun unto ourselves and others.

In this we serve, individually and collectively: helping complete the Plan for humanity.




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