Measuring Inner Development

by stewart

Q: In my inner development, how do I know if I am advancing? What criteria can be used to measure progress?

Everyone is moving forward and evolving.  That is the nature of the universe.  If a path has not opened to you, pray and follow the teachings of your religion.  If you are not able to do this, then be a good person and devote some time to going inward and helping others.  Then, as events unfold, a door will open.  Higher knowledge is our destiny and is as natural as breathing.

If you are on a path or following the teachings of your religion and want criteria against which to measure your actions, feel free to use the following.  If an action, or thought, brings you closer to God/Truth than follow/accept it.  If it distances you, let it be.

A second criterion concerns how you feel and what you think about most often.  If you feel happier and think of God/Truth frequently- you are advancing. Keep in mind, however, it is possible to think about something too much and become fixated; we are striving for a balanced life.



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