Master of the Larger Universe

by stewart

He/she is Master

Who reigns supreme

In their own kingdom.


Q:       Man/woman is the microcosm.  What does this saying mean and its significance to the spiritual traveler?

In relation to the larger cosmos and God, man/woman is the smaller universe.  It is believed that when a traveler has mastered their own kingdom/universe (self), they are master of the larger universe, as well.

Science has proven what the ancients have known for millennia.  Man is a small universe, with billions of factors working together. Man is made-up of billions of cells and trillions of atoms; he is the by-product of millions of years of evolution and is a highly complex and sometimes contradictory being.

Mystically man is consciousness and the coming together of three realms. The physical, mental (or psychic) and spiritual realms all exist simultaneously within man’s consciousness. The term spirit and soul, in common usage is often interchangeable and sometimes confusing.  In our discussion, what is important is that we recognize and develop our latent spiritual capacity.

Additionally, it is believed man simultaneously exists on three planes and the higher soul is always one, which perceives the Source or higher impulse.  Usually this aspect of consciousness is blocked by lower stimuli (physical, mental, and emotional) and the inner journey consists of learning to push aside lower impulses so the higher, might be heard. We are always in tune with the Source, but because of inner distractions have forgotten how to listen to the inner whisper.

The three realms coincide with our modern discussion about physical, mental (thought and emotional) and spiritual awareness. Generally man/woman is believed to have all three levels of consciousness and energy present and interacting. Additionally, when we feel something or have a moment of insightful thought, these thoughts/impulses register as energy on a variety of inner and physical levels.

Generally, science has taught us, physical stimuli are felt in our body and mind (consciousness).  For example, pain is felt where the skin is pierced and registers in our mind; when injured our whole being fills with a burning, tearing sensation. Similarly emotions register in our body and consciousness.  We have proven, chemically, tears of sorrow are different than tears of joys.  Yes. Emotions and thoughts have a chemical formula to them.

According to the mystic, all consciousness originates and begins in the soul.  We are spiritual beings and this is our lasting self (aspect).  When the physical body passes away, our consciousness will journey on.

The soul has both a higher and lower center; these centers coincide with various stimuli.  Higher stimuli, for example, are spiritual impulses to help others and lower stimuli are selfish thoughts which exceed are daily physical need and requirement.

One who is able to act along with the higher impulse has become master of self and the microcosm; and because the microcosm is now aligned, through this process, with the macrocosm, the traveler is said to be master of all three dimensions and the larger universe.


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