Magnificent Monastery

by stewart

For the longest time, I wished that I had a church, temple, mosque or synagogue to attend. I could find no special place that called to my heart and helped my soul sing. In years past, there had always been a place: top of a close by hill; stream just below a reservoir dam; tree lined chapel set beside a lake; shaded path through a nearby park; or an old stone church, late at night, when no other person was there. In these holy places, I learned to hear the quiet whispers that flowed through my heart; some from my soul and others from that distant shore. These moments of joyous, quiet solitude and contemplation filled me with peace, reminding of my far away Home.

And just the other day, it occurred to me that I carried my sacred place with me and that the larger world itself now was my monastery. Each morning when I awoke and breathed deep, I was calling the Holy Name; and when I went to work or ran errands, I was singing hymns of praise. When I helped another person, I was raising us both into the Light, sipping from the Cup of Life.

And in this magnificent monastery of mine: each is free to come and go; sing and dance; create or destroy; all partners in the Cosmic Plan.

I wonder what this world would be like if each person, consciously, realized that this planet is a Grand Cathedral; and in our own private monastery, whatever we are thinking, doing, saying, creating or destroying is a prayer of sorts; generating an energy, combining with all the other energies, forming a symphony of vibrations, felt on an inner level by every creature in the Universe.

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