Light on the Mountain: A Personal Message

by stewart

One of the things about writing books is that you would like people to read them. It is one thing to be a famous writer or have a class you are teaching where there is an audience ready to see what you have to say. In my case, the situation is a little different; I use the Internet to help create some interest and share this material with others.


So if you are tired of seeing/hearing the same ‘old thing;’ I encourage you to pick-up my new book. It is a positive uplifting story and was written to help bring Light and hope to the darkness. And if you like this book; share it with a friend.


And if you are not sure go to the different reviews on Amazon to help make-up your mind.


May your day be filled with peace/Light.


Light on the Mountain available on Amazon in paper back and Kindle. Go to

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