Life Path Choices

by stewart

Now, that I am older and had many opportunities to drink from the fountain of life; I offer the young person starting out and trying to making their way into the world, the following advice, and a simple exercise to help you figure this potential out:

Be who you are;

Seek to express yourself in the world

And don’t let others hold you back

From this individual expression.

Often, we are jailed by what society, friends, religion and family want for us. Sometimes, this pressure to do something or make a specific life choice is with good intentions; other times, it is simply a manipulation intended to hold us back or illicit a specific behavior.

Throughout your life, always, the prime directive: is to be yourself and if you have not spent enough time trying to figure this out- then today, that is what you are supposed to begin to do.

Find your own individual path, and search your own inner knowing which allows you to do this. Because once you have figured out whom you are and what you would like to do or be- the entire world, including your self, shall benefit.

Often, young people have trouble trying to figure out what they are to do with their life. For many, this is a very natural occurrence. In reality, there are many choices and sometimes it is difficult to go inside and uncover your own inner wisdom and individual path. And after you have struggled with this seeking for awhile, I offer you the following exercise, to help free your thought process.

All the Money Exercise

Imagine- you had all the money in the world; imagine money was absolutely not a consideration- you have an endless supply. What would you do with this money and its potential access? How would you spend your days? And after you had indulged your every whim, what work would you do? Who would you help and what vocation or personal pursuits would fill your hours?

And when you have an answer to this question; this answer will begin to give you a personal direction concerning who you really are. Begin to follow this path to your self- even for 10 minutes a day. Begin to work toward this goal, even in small amounts; this activity will fill you with bliss and help set you free.

And should you not like the answer you uncover about your self and how you would spend your days; seek to change this about your self. Even in small amounts, like 10 minute intervals, eventually this effort to change will free you, from your self made chains.

Remember you are responsible for yourself and there are many people who can help you with this effort. Also there are many who would stand in your way. Your task is to recognize these differences in people and move beyond them- making your own way into the world. -SB



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