Life of the Heart

by stewart

O Lord, I have lost the desire

To go forward

And the desire to step back.

Yet I am content

In the Knowledge of You.


Where shall I go?

What shall I do?

Once these questions filled my mind;

Now they are washed away

By Your Reality.


You- are all that matters.

*          *


What good are words?

What good are deeds?

In the final analysis

They are aspects

Of one form of existence.


The life of the heart

And the hidden world,

Is the bridge

To true Reality

*          *


Pain and terror

When this life ends.

Such is our destiny

And the way of all flesh.


Fortunate are those

Who have transcended death.

They have died many times

And are spared the final bitterness.

All that remains is a shell

This houses the Eternal Truth.


The road these people travel

Is a difficult one.

There are many twists and turns.

Each bend is filled with danger

And the only resting place

Is the place of non-being.



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