Journey of Opposites

by stewart

Traveler:    “Master, I have climbed mountains and traveled roads.  I made my way through wind, rain, sun and snow to find you.  Now, please tell me, in order to sit at your side and find enlightenment, why must the road be winding and the journey so long?”

Master:         “Little one, before I answer your question, first, you must answer one of mine.  Do you agree to this?”

Traveler:       Hesitantly and with impatience in his voice, the traveler replied, “Yes.”

Master:         “Very well, then, from all this going and doing; with its travels, opposites and struggles- what have you learned?”

Traveler:         After pausing and considering several different answers, finally, the tired traveler remembered one singular moment of clarity gained through watching the flame of an evening campfire.

“One night, while contemplating and gazing into the fire, the thought occurred to me that while each day was filled with a variety of experience, looking back at day’s end, these often chaotic and disparate events combined to form the day; and were all connected as part of my journey.”

Master:            With a smile on his face, the teacher replied:  “So now you are beginning to understand.  Life, death, hardship and joy are all part of the Path; opposites thrown upon themselves-combining to form a tapestry, from which we learn, move forward and reach higher.”


This excerpt is taken from my book, A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment, Llewellyn, 2008; book is available from publisher, local bookstores or on


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