Higher Service

by stewart

Duty is a task that you are expected to accomplish; it is a requirement of the situation and something which every one must do. If you are a baker, you must come to work on time, complete your tasks and act responsibly to customers and coworkers. These are some of the general duties of a baker.

If these duties were to be totaled; this would constitute your service as a baker. Service is the compilation or total of a variety of duties and usually described in relation to other people.  Therefore you bake bread for others to eat.

Service on another level relates to duties which are communicated and carried out on a spiritual plane. When one is in service to God/Light, the personal will is stilled and the servant acts in accord with the Master’s Desire.  Here the servant and Master are One, and the duties which are performed, constitute- the Higher Service.



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Judith LaBonte July 18, 2012 at 11:13 pm

my late Dad, may He R I P, was a baker – and this heat-wave reminded me of how i admired my Dad for working in very hot weather, with the ovens making it like a sweat lodge or a sauna. i don’t know how he did it and still had it in him to be kind and good to me. And that in a day where most Dads who were split from their wives just moved to another state and there was no enforcement for “dead-beat Dads” like they have now. He did not have to be there for me, but He was!

my Dad’s spirituality was interesting – He called himself a “home-Baptist”, which i gather meant He read the Bible and prayed on His own, without feeling the need of a clerical intermediary to represent Him to Deity.
Bless HIM!
i miss Him – and my late Husband, may He also R I P. He never got a lot of power in the clergy of His faith, which He was ordained into. But He’d give His shirt off His back to someone in need. In fact sometimes i had to remind Him not to give the very food off our table or the clothes off our back. To me, these are people who serve God without “much ado about nothing” so to speak! (GRIN) – and the mellow-drama, it turns out, was not required to reach the Higher Power!


stewart July 19, 2012 at 3:15 am

Thanks for sharing about these servants of the Higher Impulse.


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