High Mountain Trail

by stewart

I am imprisoned by my mind and only set free when my soul sings. My soul is a traveler from another dimension and here is temporarily bound by physical laws. At times, it breaks free from the chains of limiting thoughts, perceptions and actions. These are the moments I have come to love for they bring me closer to my Higher Self and the Eternal Loving of the Universe.

Know that I am frightened of death and I have grown imprisoned by the fear of pain. Pain for myself and pain for those I love. Over the years, these have become chains that hold me to this cell that I now call home. Pain, travels in 2 forms- both physical and mental and the ’ju ju’ medicine of the great pharmacies only temporarily eases my anxiety and growing concern.

O the flesh is weak but the spirit is strong; how to experience both and not lose your mind? As I climb this mountain, my mind is scattered on the trails of selfish living and trying to break free, flying higher. Some days, I am like the eagle that long has been kept in his cage; when the door is opened he doesn’t know what to do? Should he fly or stay imprisoned inside the cage which has become his home.

Please I do not ask for your sympathy or kind words: my soul longs to reunite with its Higher Self and transcend these daily fears and worries. This is the only rest I find on this high mountain trail and should you decide to follow, know the climb is long, you must be made of steel, and a Kind Wind must Guide your travels.



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