Hatred & Peace

by stewart

At present, in this world, there appears to be no workable solution to all the hatred and violence. To respond in a like manner breeds more hatred and violence.

One of the Great Ones has said, ‘turn the other cheek;’ meaning to respond with love and kindness to force and anger.

Yet how many are able to do this? History has shown, very few.

In today’s wars, this approach would be viewed as weakness, and exploited.

So where is the possible solution?

It is someplace inside us.

People have to sit down together, push aside their fear, anger and hurt, and agree to a compromise in which both sides win and lose. And hold to this peace agreement.

I wonder how far away from this we really are and what it will take to get us there?

Will it take a world wide catastrophe for people to work together? Or perhaps the return of the Dove to lift us Higher? Or enough hearts aglow with the Light that we reach a tipping point, shatter this Darkness and Hatred, and become One in the Sun of a New Day?


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