Hand of Fate

by stewart

Two young worms were crawling about the worm farm discussing their bright futures.  The first, who was the larger of the 2 boasted, “Someday I am going to be the King of all the worms.  I will win the honor by defeating all you smaller worms.  Then everyone will know my name and come to me for advice and help.”

The second worm that was also large for his age was not as ambitious as the first, but he too had dreams of the future; and added, “Someday I would like to be able to say I climbed every hill and traveled each tunnel in this land. I will have seen everything there is to see and everyone also will know my name.”

Then the first worm replied, “O our futures look so promising. Perhaps I will even make you the official explorer to my court.”

As the 2 worms basked joyfully in their plans for the future; the farmer’s hand descended into the farm and scooped them both up.

The Lesson

  • While it is good to have plans for the future and something to work toward; these plans must be aligned with your potential or design of the situation.
  • Yes in order to attain our goals: everyone must have talent, hope, plan, and work hard. However, keep in mind, there may be other factors at play.
  • Fate and the Unseen Forces/Absolute may have something different to say about our future. -SB


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