Fuel for the Fire #4

by stewart

Q.  In the world today, optimally, what is the role of religion/spirituality in helping to create a better planet?

A. There are many of us who believe that humans are about to undergo a quantum leap in evolution. Coming out of the middle ages Religion was unable to give us an answer to why we are here and what we are supposed to do. We then shifted out faith to science and while awaiting an answer settled into a belief in only the material world. New discoveries are opening a doorway into a new spiritual understanding.
Quantum Physics has shown us that the world below the atomic level is affected by our attention and that what we call reality can be created by our consciousness. The ancient religions have been telling us the same thing for many centuries. We have this opportunity for our spiritual natures to rule the world. That can happen when we truly understand that we are all one enormous being known as humankind and all the answers lie within.  “When we look at things differently, the things we are looking at change” Max Planck
Blessings Skip Weatherford

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stewart December 19, 2011 at 12:47 am

(MRS) judith a LABONTE

This reminds me of a behavioral science article that was popular about
2 decades back about the 100 monkey event.

some people on an isolated island taught 100 monkeys how to get into a
“trap” to get out a banana without getting their hands caught in it –
when they hit the 100th monkey that they’d taught, suddenly and
spontaneously, ALL the monkeys on the island could do it. And it
happened quickly enough where there was no doubt that the other
monkeys, who had been taught, could have taught the others.
Post this if you want, i’m not sure how to, still. i think it’s my
magnifier program i use due to my eyesight challenges and legal “blindness”.
j/L “Granny” Matrika


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