Fuel for the Fire #2

by stewart

Again it is time. Let me bang the drum purposefully and slowly! Can you hear it?  Booom!! Booom!!

Yes it is time to call spiritual travelers together and sing some songs around the campfire. Come in out of the cold. Join us as we envision a kinder, gentler world. Raise-up your voice – so you too might be heard. Join us as we celebrate, through song and intention, a brighter night and brighter tomorrow. 

Fellow travelers- Remember– collectively we are the solution to every problem. Now is the time to act and raise-up our voices. . .

Don’t limit the possibilities.

Q. In the world today, optimally, what is the role of spirituality/religion in helping to create a better planet?

A. Had it not been for exoteric religion and esoteric spirituality man/woman would have destroyed all of our kind long ago. The great dilema or shall we say our greatest dilema  is the “fallen” lower part of our nature [selfishness]. Both formats address themselves to this issue if practiced  diligently. The result is that the external world is improved when  people return to a submission  of making the LIVING GOD the true KING of this world and  loving, helping  and respecting each other as HIS children subsequently relating as brothers/sisters.

By Andrew Mezurecky, PhD

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