Filling My Cup

by stewart

In the journey, there comes a point when words and desires are no longer important.  That is, there is no emotional attachment to them. All that is important is the Beloved.  Desire for everything else has been removed.

It is at this point, the traveler arrives and the Beloved is within sight. However, for most, this is not a static condition. Because of the demands of daily life, the traveler fluctuates between this state and others. This degree of fluctuation is in proportion to the traveler’s position on the Path and the work he/she is required to do.


*          *

Various forms of excitement are important to healthy living. Exciting activity gives us something to anticipate and provides, ‘spice to our lives.’  What the traveler must guard against is an exaggerated reliance upon external stimuli.  Because once these stimuli are removed, the traveler may be tempted to find another source.  Excitement hunting can lead to abuse, and the traveler becomes prone, during excitement free periods, to depression.

O spiritual traveler, seek your joy in moderation. Do not let it divert you from seeking your Lord.


*          *

I lift my cup

And sip your Wine.

You are always there to comfort me;

To fill me with loving peace.

Every place I turn

There is bitterness.

At first, there may have been joy,

But it always turns bitter, in the end.


Why do I forget?

Nothing is lasting, except the Light.


Thank you for being patient

And filling my cup, again.



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Alaysia Raine June 19, 2013 at 7:13 pm

May your joys be in perfect balance and your cup always full of peace and love.


stewart June 20, 2013 at 2:03 pm

That is beautiful . . .


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