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by stewart

Q:     Speak to me of family.  Spiritually what is the significance of this grouping?

Each is a member of two families: their birth/marriage family and the larger, human family.  In both, meaningful membership and participation is essential to balanced living.  Each person must feel they are loved and protected, and have the opportunity to express, without fear, who they are. Each is a unique soul and has something to contribute and learn.

In a family there is a connection, love and bonding.  This connection occurs of many levels: it may be biological, emotional and spiritual.

Spiritually, the members of a birth/marriage family have entered the earth phase together to learn from each other.  On an inner level, their souls are connected.  Sometimes the lessons are painful and other times joyous.  This connection extends beyond time and space.

Similarly humanity is one family.  We have all come from the same source (God) and one day will return home after experiencing the many worlds.

Spiritually each person is connected and humanity, gradually, will awaken to this elemental truth.  When this occurs, the world will be much different.

Families and communities are encouraged to worship together.  This communal practice is advocated for more than social and emotional reasons.  Spiritually, when souls focus together, the spiritual energy that is produced is life giving, integrating and transcendent. Often this communal energy exceeds and is different than what can be experienced as an individual.

In those moments, it is possible to spiritually know and experience the reason for existence. When the soul, spiritually, is at peace with the Source there are no questions, only answers.  Those moments are transcendent, become the basis and alter the direction of a life.

On the spiritual path, there is another family.  This is the family of believers.  Souls come together to support each other in the work and make spiritual progress that can only be accomplished in harmonious groups.

This experience of group energy, working toward a common goal and accomplishment is similar in other endeavors as well. Sometimes those who work together in a vocational setting become so close they characterize their experience as a special and familial one.  Also sports team members, who work and accomplish success, describe a special energy and bonding.

*          *

How does one learn?  We are taught by parents, by school, by religion and our community.  This is how we learn to make choices. Usually we choose based upon what we are taught to see and feel.

How do we break free of this patterned existence? Why do we want freedom?

Foolish one, it is our destiny to learn to see beyond the world of appearances.  There is a yearning within that cannot be stilled, until, the bird of the soul soars free.

*          *

When the house is empty

And those we love have gone,

O how the heart cries out.


Yet on a deep inner level

We are never alone or very far apart.

For even at a distance

We have within a magical capacity

To touch those we love.

By concentrating and focusing

On the love we share, in that moment,

We are again together.


Here in this place of celebration

There is no time or space

And we unite in each other’s arms.

*          *



Traveler:      Tell me of parents.


Master:         Your mother and father

Were joined so you might be

And from your mother’s womb

You entered this world.


Mature parents only desire

That which is best for you

And from a babe

They have watered you

With their love.


Thy mother and thy father

Are to be honored

And loved

For they are part of you.

Those who have mistreated others

And deliberately injure their kin,

Harm their own souls.


If you seek the Beloved’s Court,

Only those who loved

And cherished all travelers

Shall enter within.

*          *

None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother

What he wishes for himself.



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