Extraordinary Afternoon

by stewart

It was a warm sunny afternoon.  The trees were beginning to change colors.  The leaves were turning different shades of red, yellow, orange and green.  The morning damp coolness had turned to dry warmth. Slowly summer was giving way to fall and all creatures knew that winter was soon approaching.

Feeling the gentle breeze as it blew across Pond, grasshopper and Turtle rested in the brilliant sunshine.  Grasshopper was beginning to fall asleep when Turtle called out, “Let’s go for a walk.”  This was the last thing grasshopper wanted. Turtle walked so slow; however, grasshopper grudgingly agreed.

As the two friends walked beside the Pond, Turtle began to point things out to grasshopper. “See how the young turtle has grey minnows to catch.  Watch how he struggles to capture a snack. There he has one now. Look over on that tree see the mother robin as she feeds her young an earthworm. Look how the young ones open to accept the gift of life.”

Walking on further, grasshopper wondered if Turtle had lost his mind.  Why was he pointing out the common place and making such a big deal about it?

Next Turtle pointed to some bees as they flitted from flower to flower. “Look, see how they gather the nectar to make honey.  Moving from flower to flower, they help pollinate and provide an essential service to the meadow.  Look over there. See the ants as they carry crumbs from the fallen crab apple.  The Light is always providing.”

By this time, grasshopper was bored and had had enough of this walk, and said to Turtle, “I will meet you back at the burrow.”

Hopping back to Turtle’s burrow, grasshopper wondered what this all had been about.  It was a beautiful, fall afternoon, but why the need to point out the obvious?  All these things happened every day.  Sometimes grasshopper just couldn’t understand what his friend was talking about.

The Lesson

Later that evening, as the two friends rested in Turtle’s burrow, Turtle began to explain.  “You see, sometimes lessons occur in daily life.  When the traveler is in tune, the common place becomes extraordinary.  The Light is always providing for our needs.  As the warm sunlight gives life to the Pond, so, the Light of Eternity gives substance to our soul.  Just as there is food for our body, so, there is nourishment for the soul.

The spiritual traveler must learn to see past everyday events and look for the pattern.  The Light is forever loving and giving, as was this glorious afternoon.  Without the Light, the world of forms would cease to exist.”

In amazement, grasshopper just shook his head.  Clearly, he had missed this opportunity to grow closer.  However, he was grateful to have a friend who could help point out the subtle wonders of the spiritual world.

Truly, this afternoon had been bathed in the Light of Eternity and, now, would stay forever in grasshopper’s mind.


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